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Training with Tom : 71 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

This DVD is the real thing. Real-life training on the mat with Dr Tom. He takes a stroke survivor through a training session (although an extended one in order to show you lots more things you can do). Starting with a warm-up, you will see the stroke survivor guided through a session where he is does first static exercises, gait control work, balance training, strength training and some seriou supper limb training. You will see how to put everything you’ve seen on DVDs 1 to 6 into practice – and you’ll see a stroke survivor starting to work on the edges of his current ability in many areas, particularly when challenging his upper limb. This DVD is where many of the exercises, techniques and strategies will really come to life for you as you see how they work together, if practised carefully and with some dedication, to produce a trainee who is totally transformed in terms of action control, strength and confidence in the ability to move and function normally in society again.

Training with Dr Tom: How to Put it all Together

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    My husband Mark had a severe stroke 3 years ago when he was 40. He absolutely loves this DVD. He practises regularly and really feels the benefit from it. He first discovered Tom Balchin’s book ‘The Successful Stroke Survivor’ when he was in rehab at Headley Court and it instantly struck a chord with him. For people who really want to work to get the best recovery they can, then these are the DVDs and the book to get. We cannot recommend them enough. From techniques to help you get onto your knees and back up again to helping you get your hamstrings firing and ideas to help you get your hand working again. Tom covers all this and more.

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