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Successful Stroke Survivor Manual

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This book/manual was written by a stroke survivor for stroke survivors. Part-book and part-manual for those who have suffered a stroke and reached the end of formal stroke rehabilitation therapy. The highly motivational approach to functional training FOR ALL AGE GROUPS revealed inside is a distillation of hundreds of innovative ways created to encourage positive adaptations in the brain after stroke.

Would you like to get up from the floor without any support? YES!
Would you like to effectively tackle spasticity in your hand? YES!
Would you like to become stronger and less dependent? YES! 

The Successful Stroke Survivor will show you how, and much much more.

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545 PAGES (A4 format)

690 illustrations, 356 photos, 130 strategies

The first (and only) book/manual written for stroke survivors to be endorsed with the Quality Mark of the United Kingdom Forum for Stroke Training

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    I teach movement. I am used to glossy manuals that cost hundreds of pounds. This manual is less glossy but a fraction of the price I would expect to pay for such a resource – and it has what I need (actually, what my Dad needs). It tells you once you are home what the stroke survivor needs to do and how to go about it. I have read five books so far about stroke and they have all been great. This is the ONLY one that I could find that has practical applications. I plan on going on the ARNI (Action for Rehab from Neurological Injury) instructor training course. Meanwhile I’ll get videos of the exercises (The Essential Stroke Survivor videos 1-6 from the ARNI website) so my Dad can get an idea of what he will be working towards in his recovery. As Tom Balchin makes clear, the survivor’s recovery is in their own hands and is their responsibility. This tool really gives me hope for my father’s rehab.
    This book is a hefty tome (over 500 pages) and the exercises feature on p 177 onwards. This is great for me because I want all the knowledge now. I won’t give it to my Dad though, I think it would be too much. I see that Tom Balchin also has a series of kindle books that break this information up into manageable chunks. The first in a series of five books is ‘Stroke Recovery Essentials (The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 1)’. This is a very good idea.

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