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The Successful Stroke Survivor Full Video Series: 300 minutes anytime online viewing OR 7 DVD set

You are about to completely change the way you view your rehabilitation. By following the advice in these 7 DVDs you will totally transform yourself. You will be able to disregard the use of a wheelchair, stick and rigid plastic orthotic, as appropriate. Amongst many other things, you will learn to get down and up from the floor, balance, walk and turn without problem, become strong and robust.. and tackle all sorts of activities of daily life that you hadn’t dreamed possible after stroke.

Importantly, Dr Tom will teach you how to recover a great deal more action control of your upper limb and achieve spasticity decline leading to grasp and release capability. Contained in these DVDs is a wealth of information relayed by Dr Tom, who has ‘been there’. A stroke survivor himself, he shows you exactly what to do to make an incredible recovery: you will not BELIEVE what can be done! You can do it: Dr Tom will show you how, and will also show you a full training session with a stroke survivor so you can see how everything works.

Click on the photo of each DVD to find out what is contained in each DVD in the main shop page and then if you would like all DVDs, come back and purchase here for a £40 discount rather than buying all DVDs separately.

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  1. (Verified Purchase)

    I managed to get the DVDs to my friend Mo via a lady who was visiting Singapore. She was so delighted, and she told me it is the best present anybody has ever given her. She thinks they are superb. Please can you pass this feedback to Tom. She has been working every day with physios, etc… but felt as though she is making little progress so she was so happy to receive these. Unfortunately, she is in hospital at the moment as her body is not taking in nutrients but am hoping that she will build up and return to her apartment soon. The effect that Tom and ARNI as had on the lives of thousands is just tremendous. We are all indebted to him and you all. Thank you all so much. Very best wishes, Gail

  2. (Verified Purchase)

    All DVDs are very important to us because my husband has been stochastic for 2 years, every move is very precious every minute, thanks for the help, we work every day, we learn. We want good health and good luck Enikő and Ernő

  3. (Verified Purchase)

    I definitely recommend these dvds, beautifully presented and easy to follow and very inspirational. I use them now in addition to my private physio,to help in my recovery, only wish they were available earlier
    Lots of trainning strategies and exercises developed by Tom, a true expert and stroke survivor…
    Don’t hesitate buy the complete set.

  4. (Verified Purchase)

    It’s my pleasure to recommend the Stroke Solutions DVD. I purchased the book, The Successful Stroke Survivor, about five years ago but found that I needed to be shown how to do certain exercises. The book, although packed with good info, was too bulky for a man with hemiparesis.
    Since I have obtained the affordable and worthwhile DVD, I continually refer to it. I wish that you had been able to make it available sooner. Many thanks.

    Russ Kennedy PhD, MBA, MPH

  5. (Verified Purchase)

    Don’t muck about umming and aahing! Just get the lot! Tom will then help get you going. Tom is really easy to listen to; clear and thoughtful. Then, when he gets down to it, he shows you how it’s done. Tom is strong and agile but his fluent movement is as a result of hard work. If you get half as good as Tom, you’ve gone a long way. The DVDs are, in my view, essential viewing for stroke survivors, their family and friends and those training to become rehab trainers.

  6. (Verified Purchase)

    The experience of stroke can be totally bewildering for the patient and their partners/loved ones. One moment getting on with your life fine and the next – BAM! – you’re flat on your back in a hospital bed with only half of your body working properly!

    Thankfully, a friend with MS put my wife in touch with Tom Balchin and we spent two days at Tom’s place where he talked me through his experience with his stroke and the methods and strategies he’d developed to deal with them. Although the conversations were fairly one-sided (at that stage I was still having difficulty speaking), it was so good to meet a ‘kindred spirit’ who’d actually experienced stroke first-hand rather than read about it in a medical text book.

    Finally, all his knowledge is distilled into a set of DVDs. They’re pure gold dust, refined over many years experience working with stroke survivors of all ages.

    I’m working through the exercises in the DVDs and they still form the basis of my twice-weekly physiotherapy.

  7. (Verified Purchase)

    Found the DVDs very inspirational, I have had a lot of help from the wonderful therapists in North Devon, but need now to move on and I believe Tom’s DVDs will help me. My initial prognosis left me wheelchair bound, but with determination and support I can now walk with support, my left hand is still of very little use but I have been given fresh motivation by the DVDs. I just wish there were some Arni qualified trainers near me.

  8. (Verified Purchase)

    These DVDs are beautifully and compassionately presented by Dr Tom Balchin and his team! Every move, exercise, strategy is clearly described and demonstrated, with many repetitions of the complexities of some of the coping strategies and functional training techniques and drills. I recommend these to every stroke survivor and their families, and carers. As an adjunct to ‘The Successful Stroke Survivor’ the DVDs give strong visual and aural cues to the descriptions in the book. This actually makes the learning of, and thus the effective implementation of the strategies, much more accessible.

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