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The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 6 Video Series: 60 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

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Stretching (DVD 5) AND task-specific/task-related intensive practice (this DVD) can initiate and encourage spasticity decline. This DVD is basically about how to tackle upper limb TRAINING, to assist with flaccidity and spasticity. It shows how to build (or get someone to build) task boards and challenge boards that can echo activities of daily life so that you can repeatedly practice your reaching, grasping and releasing. It goes on to show you what you can buy on Amazon in the area of wooden and plastic learning toys, for example, to progressively challenge hand function. These super strategies are the result of many years of experimentation and Dr Tom will show you how to get RESULTS. You will love this DVD and it is what upper limb training the ARNI way is all about. Globally, there is no one answer to recovery of loss of upper limb control. However, the strategies you will find here to do yourself or with the help of a physio, trainer or friend, are the evidence base, now welded to a series highly innovative ideas, strategies and exercises. DVD 7 (Training with Tom) also shows these in action with a patient who has significant spasticity.

If you have upper limb difficulties, this is the DVD that will be your ally. Here, Dr Tom shows you how you, too, can get as excellent function back in your upper limb as he has. He shows you what he did to gain function and shows tools that he has built to help survivors train their reach, grasp and release. He then shows you exactly how to make or acquire what you need to do what many hundreds of people have used to significantly (and very quickly) to reduce spasticity and flaccidity – and to gain control again of your more-affected hand.

Pre-Task Stretching

Grasp’n’Grip Items

Releasing Items

Making A Task Related Training Board and Demonstration

Making a Challenge Board and Demonstration

Other Grasp/Release Training Aids

Pinch Grip Implements



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  1. (Verified Purchase)

    I initially received these videos as a part of my ARNI study course. They are such good guidelines for already so complex upper limb rehabilitation. I watched this particular volume (along with the volume 5) several times and keep coming back to it in order to remember the techniques as well as for getting further inspiration. I always find something new in it. One thing is to understand the material and another one is to successfully apply these methods to a client who had a stroke. These functional stretching techniques differ so much from traditional physiotherapy and are much more logic within this holistic concept. Moreover, they work

  2. (Verified Purchase)

    This is a really useful demonstration on creating your own task related and challenge boards. Tom gives step-by-step instruction to how to make one (I particular like his comment on what DIY stands for :D) and then shows you how to use it to effectively train upper limb functionality. I am an ARNI instructir in training and being able to see this process and stop and stop the video as many times as I need is indispensable in helping my understanding and my journey to hopefully being a highly effective ARNI instructor.

  3. (Verified Purchase)

    Very good practical techniques that I have not found anywhere else. I thoroughly recommend these videos.

  4. (Verified Purchase)

    Great demonstrations and specific recommendations on objects you can create yourself at home to help you in your upper limb recovery.

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