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The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 5 Video Series: 39 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

On this DVD. Dr Tom starts to take you into the realms of upper limb training particularly for reach, grasp and release. This is very different to lower limb work in that no management strategies are taught – rather, you will learn how to tackle spasticity and flaccidity head-on so that you can recover function again. Essential stretches are shown here: these will help you to ‘get the gap’ between your thumb and fingers in order to grip. Without this, you can’t do anything with that hand. Stretches PLUS task-specific work have the potential to improve your function dramatically. This DVD shows you the vital first part.

Stretching Upper Limb

Hand Overs

Over The Tops

Rotating Fist

Wrist Up And Downs

The Tipster

Bend and Extend

Book Finger/Thumb Spreads

Book Wrist Rotation

Wrist Extension


Fingertips To Thumb Touches

The Minimal Assists Principle


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    Very good practical techniques that I have not found anywhere else. I thoroughly recommend these videos.

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