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The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 4 Video Series: 41 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

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You can’t recover well from stroke without getting stronger. It’s as simple as that. Dr Tom will show you exactly what to do and what not to. He shows you everything he has learned over the last 20 years – distilled into one DVD. You’ll be able to balance and walk better better, cope with a fall better, reduce spasticity in the elbow as well as hundreds of other benefits. Dr Tom concentrates on strength training. Copy him and become a super stroke survivor.

The No-Weight Squat

Chair Squats

Horse Riding Stance Hold

Additional Weight Aids

The Double-handed One-Kettlebell Lift

How to Retrain Upper Body Strength

Knee Push-Up

Hands Elevated Push-Up

Revolving Push-Up Bars

Double Clamped and Complete Push-Up Training System

Hook Leg Push Up

Stick Floor Press

Medicine Ball Floor Press


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  1. (Verified Purchase)

    In this video dr Tom gives a list and lovely demonstrations of task specific and strength training exercises, like squats, kettlebell lifts and press-ups. Formerly, I had no idea that e.g. press-ups could be so diverse. Neither that these exercises can be so helpful in the rehabilitation of neurological injuries. Again a must to watch for ideas.

  2. (Verified Purchase)

    I am an ARNI instructor in training and I am finding these videos essential in helping me become a knowledgeable, effective and inspired trainer. I purchased the complete set, along with Dr Balchin’s Stroke Survivor book and I refer to them on a daily basis and I know they will continue to be an indispensable tool in my development. Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated by Tom and the great thing is that you can pause at any point to try it yourself, or listen back to something. If you are a trainer / carer / friend or family member, wanting to help a loved one who has had a stroke then these DVDs are a must.

  3. (Verified Purchase)

    The DVD is an excellent resource and addition to the stroke manual for stroke survivors wishing to improve their muscle strength and control. It is easy to follow for anyone and Tom gives additional information and evidence that will give you extra motivation to continue with your exercise plan.

  4. (Verified Purchase)

    Very good practical techniques that I have not found anywhere else. I thoroughly recommend these videos.

  5. (Verified Purchase)

    Recovering upper body strength is very important for me. However my dilemma was how to begin on my own. This video gave me wonderful direction in that regard.

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