The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 2 Video Series: 38 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

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This DVD is all about training on the floor and starting to do balance control training. Why train on the floor? For a start, you need to do leg curls (lying on your stomach and trying to pull your bad leg up from the knee). You NEED to do this to control your walking. Everyone ignores this but it’s the one thing that can make a massive difference in not tripping, which leads directly to a fall. Let’s get this one right so you’re less likely to fall. Dr Tom shows how you strategies to train balance control in a kneeling position and then in a standing position along with standing and seated stepping exercises. He explains how and why to do things so you don’t have to waste years figuring it out for yourself

Getting To Seated From Lying on Floor

Kneeling Position Switches

Pelvic Push-ups and Knee Control

Prone Leg Curls

Seated Marching

Stepping Exercises

Knees-Up Exercises

Hip Push-Pulls

Retraining The Ability To Stay Balanced

Rapid Balance Step


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    Video 1 could take away fear and insecurity – huge obstacles of living at our best capacity even surviving a stroke or other brain injuries – of falling and laying on the flour at the mercy of others by teaching us techniques and strategies how to successfully manage these scary situations. In video 2, in 38 minutes, if I counted correctly, we got 11 new exercises, techniques and movement patterns to further improve our strength and skills for controlled and precisely executed muscle work necessary for self-management. It is better to call this target-oriented functional training, as these „exercises” have deeper aim then just moving the body, increasing muscle strength and joint flexibility. The goal is to cope smoothly and well with the smaller and greater challenges of everyday life.

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    Great “stuff”! Many great exercises for us stroke survivors all condensed in one video narrated and per formed by one of us, a stroke survivor. If you want to continue your journey of post stroke function & balance improvement get this video.

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