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Neurostrong is the ultimate tool for stroke survivors to enable them to do safe weight-lifting.

After stroke, survivors feel they are WEAK but simply don’t know how to get stronger. This ultra-simple tool tool helps you to progressively get stronger. by allowing you to lift weight from the ground and putting it down again, for a number of repetitions.

Stroke survivors usually have a problem: their weaker hand will not be able to hold any weight (or much weight). Furthermore, with ‘drop shoulder’ often being a problem, the only way safely to lift weight is to support the weaker hand with the stronger hand. Further, ‘no-weight’ squats are good for leg strength, but at some point, some weight is needed to make you stronger. Stroke survivors need to lift from the floor rather than supporting weight on the shoulders.

This extremely well-finished, handy device solves all these problems.

The Neurostrong will allow you to perform the ‘double-overhand squat lift’

All you need to do is pull out the two self-locking pins and place (for example) a strong carrier bag with some weight in on each peg and push the pins back in. Then the user places the bad hand onto the handle and places the good hand fully over the top, to lock the bad hand in place. Lift, put down for ten repetitions times three, get stronger.

The reason why this handle is needed is because it places the weight at exactly the right height that you need to lift from and allows you to take care of the bad hand. Many stroke survivors use small kettlebells with this device.

Using a prototype of this device is exactly what Dr Tom did to regain astounding success in rehabilitation.

The full mode to do this essential strength training mode is in the Successful Stroke Survivor Manual.

We only have 6 of these left and they will not be replenished in this format. Please get yours now…