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Neurogripper is designed to help Upper Limb Control. In particular, with stretching before essential grasp and release practice.

It is an essential tool for therapists, trainers, family members, carers, friends – anyone – to use with stroke survivors… and for stroke survivors to use autonomously.

Once you have the elasticity level set for you (very easy to do by adjusting the simple rubber bands), you can use it by yourself.

NeuroGripper is an innovative aluminium hand gripper device which instead of primarily working the flexors, like a normal gripper does, incrementally works the extensors (the muscles which pull the fingers and thumb away from your palm), 

YOUR HAND: your hand may seem the hardest of all limbs to achieve movement return from, but you CAN regain significant function, however hard it may seem initially for any results to come through from your training. But don’t make the biggest mistake and think that you cannot progress to a very good degree with your hand using the ‘slow and steady cooking’ method. Remember, increased movement and decreased spasticity are two sides of the same coin. NeuroGripper works within this principle.

For those with very little initiating movement in the hand at all, spasticity can ‘substitute for strength’ to help close the gripper and the bands aim to provide a decreasing assist to your extension. The idea is to reduce the amount of help needed until it you can attain a positive extension.

There are lots of ways to work with the NeuroGripper, described in the accompanying booklet. 

Your Neurogripper is precision laser-cut to keep the quality high. Aluminium is used to keep the weight right down. However, aluminium is an expensive low-density material, so to keep the price low your gripper is rough-finished rather than anodised


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